Business Model

Due to COVID affecting school hours, kids were not able to go to school and get the right type of education. In general, some kids have trouble with their reading skills. At Reading Time, we allow affordable extra reading curriculum activity for children so they can succeed with their reading skills and be able to be on track during school.

  1. Customer Segments

At Reading Time, our main customer segment is going to be women with kids. A mother whose child is struggling with reading. Mothers are the main customers we aim for because they are the ones with a kid who seem to have trouble with reading.

Reading Time necessarily doesn’t always aim for kids though. Our secondary customer segment can aim older people who seem to struggle with English/reading.

  • Customer Relationships

Customer relationship is important and at Reading Time we make sure we are friendly and make sure their kids are wanted at Reading Time. Being able to have a good image is important for us for us to be well known and have connections with others.

  • Channel

Our main channel will be our website where users are able to check out what Reading Time exactly is. We will be able to communicate through our website and allow users to be able to get the extra reading curriculum their child needs.

  • Revenue Streams

We will be able to allow users to purchase affordable reading help through our website. We will generate revenue streams by giving users our service which is extra reading curriculum activities.

  • Key Activities

The key activities include being able to give the best reading help your child needs. Getting the right books and supplies are the key activities as well.

  • Key Resources

Our key resources will start off on where our space will be located. A space where it isn’t a hassle to get around. We will also need the right amount and type of employees that are able to do what our value proposition means. Your child always comes first, and we will make sure your child achieves and succeeds in the reading skills they need improvement on.

  • Key Partners

Key partners for Reading Time will be schools. Being able to partner with several schools allows us getting promoted which allows more parents to be able to find the word out about Reading Time.

  • Cost Structure

One of the biggest expenses would be opening space for Reading Time. I will be looking for space not too big and not too small. Another expense would be being able to find and pay the right person to help with the teaching. Books and supplies would also be an expense that we have available

  • Value Proposition

Our child always comes first. We will make sure your child achieves and succeeds in their reading abilities with us.

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