Contemporary Latin American Fiction

Caroline’s Wedding (Pages 154-166)- Edwidge Danticat

In  “Caroline’s Wedding” generation gaps are intertwined with cultural differences, various immigrant experiences, and access to US American citizenship. Each member interacts with the American culture in Brooklyn through different approaches. The mother works towards Haitian cultural retention and diasporic solidarity, Gracina to achieve a successful intercultural way of life and Caroline to adapt completely to a non-religious, progressive, and practical U.S.

This is shown throughout the wedding process. There are clashing views within the family regarding the courtship, the wedding shower, and the actual wedding ceremony. The event also marks their contrasting opinions and practices of womanhood and love relationships.

Although the mother and her daughters are living in a tense period, all of them demonstrate their commitment to some negotiation based on mutual love.

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Individual Writing Exercise


Identify and discuss one of the following topics in an index card

.Dreams (154-5; 164-5)

.Memories of old Haitian life and beliefs (156-8, 165-6)

.Wedding preparations (159-63)

.Mother-daughter relationship (162-3)