Contemporary Latin American Fiction


Flash Interviews:

1. Have a conversation with three people in the group based on these questions.

What did you learn in our class?

What was your favorite topic/reading/film/author/assignment?

What was difficult this semester and how did you deal with or overcome that obstacle?

2. Share your takeaways.


Create an outline in bullet points of your letter considering all the different parts of the project.

Introductory Paragraph- Who are you “writing” to? What threads or ideas from the course are you going to highlight?

Body Paragraphs: What three sources are you going to discuss? How do they connect with each other? How do they differentiate? What general narrative are you building with these distinct discussions?

Conclusion: What arguments will you emphasize? How are you going to finish your written portrait of the class? What are some of your “all in all” ideas as of now?

Other questions to consider: What tone are you going to take? Are you going to incorporate creative elements? Which ones? How will you experiment with the epistolary genre?

General Brainstorming

What tips would you give your classmates to finish the semester successfully?