Latinx Film and Media

Creative Group Workshop

In a group you will develop a written proposal (due on 3/20) outlining your ideas for either a photo essay or a video essay focused on a Latinx neighborhood in NYC. This proposal will serve as a detailed plan for your creative exploration, connecting personal experiences with course sources. 

Some of the themes to explore are: community activism; policing; the criminalization of Latinx youth; music cultures; Afro-Latinidades; migrant lives; queer and trans lives, cultures and organizing; practices of Latinx self-representation

Initial Brainstorm and Listening Session

Part I (10 Minutes)

Jot down your individual ideas:

.Brainstorm specific concepts, storylines, atmospheres, sounds, and images you would like to include in the project.

.Create a quick conceptual map that shows how your ideas connect to course sources.

Part II (20 minutes)

.By engaging in active listening (silently taking in what the other is saying without interruptions), each member will introduce themselves and share their ideas with the group.

.Engage in dynamic feedback. Identify common threads and perspectives

Part III (5 minutes)

.Summarize key points discussed during the session and strategize the next steps.