Problem Solving Assignment #1

These are some photos of my design. It is a mask holding keychain pouch. I designed it for my best friend Pipina. She is a graduate student at Columbia University in New York City , and she commutes to school multiple days a week by walking, taking to Long Island Rail Road, and the Subway. Using the public transportation such as the subway is very dirty, and it is full of germs and bacteria. The dirt, germs, bacteria, and anything else on the train that is not clean can transfer on the mask if she decides to hold it and not wear it on the subway. Or if she is walking or eating or doing anything where she takes her mask off it can get contaminated very easily if it touches anything. That is why I designed a mask holding pouch that has a key-chain, so she can attach it to her bag or keys that she can put her mask in when she is not using it to minimize contamination. I know how easy it is to get dirty or sick when being a commuter to a school in the city. I remember how it felt to always be worried about touching something dirty and getting sick or forgetting to wash your hands after. I know how stressful it is to be worrying about all of these. This mask holding key chain will significantly decrease the chances of any unnecessary germs, dirt, or bacteria getting on her mask. It will keep the mask tucked away from all of these things when she is not using it. Using a mask all the time can get to be inconvenient and disposable ones are wasteful and bad for the planet this is why a reusable one preferred and why the product is a solution.

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  1. This is a great idea Dora! I think everyone needs one of these because you often take off your mask to eat or to get some air but where do you put it? For me I put it around my wrist or purse but this is a great solution to your friend’s problem.

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