Journal #1

I’ve been through a lot in life, and what I am most proud of is my patience.  Back when I was a little boy, I used to throw very violent tantrums at my immediate family on a nearly daily basis – everything that didn’t go my way made me very angry.  One day, however, I asked myself “Why are these little things such a big deal to me?” There was no good answer in my mind for this question.  Since then, I’ve never lost my patience with anything and thrown unnecessary fits from the climaxes of emotions I used to fail to control.  I believe patience is a very necessary thing, and, with today’s technology we should in theory have plenty of time (seeing as the pilgrims had some free time without much technology) so we have no great reason to grow impatient and be in a hurry, some people need to calm down!

As a college student I expect to gain the knowledge and skills to acquire a job which will be enjoyable for me.  This is all I really expect from college, it is the sole reason I am attending, however, I’m sure many other things will come of it: friends, connections, and excitment).

I expect it to have less consistent assignments than high school, but when we do get work to do, it will be more lengthy, analytical, and will require more thought.

I hope my first semester will bring me many experiences which will assist me through the rest of college and I am moderately concerned with maintaining a GPA which will satisfy me.

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  1. ss113481 says:

    I have noticed that you are one of the most laid-back college students I have ever met. I admire your patience and your ability to be so proactive. I’m sure this quality that you have developed will serve you well throughout your experiences at college.

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