My Next Steps

The overall community service project has been an interesting experience.  The resources that were used for this project was not new to me as I had a similar project in high school.  I have tried to utilize other resources like the writing center.  The problem was that it was fully booked which discouraged me.  So instead I sent my paper to my professor which really helped with the essay.  I’ve also have used other resources like the Wasserman trading floor for the business project that I have.

These resources certainly helped with my project but I wouldn’t say it gave me an edge.  The reason that I say that is because anyone can access those resources so there is really no edge to be gained.  It is up to the person to not slack and to use the resources around them.  I would say that these resources are certainly important to my education as I admit that my writing is not the best.  I have known that and I can only try to make it better.  The writing center is a place that I will try to visit often.  Also the trading floor is also certainly important as Baruch is a business school.  So it is obvious to use the trading floor for future projects and assignments.

The project has not really changed my understanding of community service.  I have always believed that there is never too little time to help out the less fortunate.  Even if it is for a few hours you are still making a difference.  It was just a reminder that I should make time for community service even if the work that Baruch does give me is a large amount.

One of the things I have found in Baruch was the Baruch Japan Club.  It is certainly an interesting class as the Japanese culture is a very vast culture.  The club has may have given me the idea to take a Japanese class in the future.  It certainly would be helpful as knowing more languages is never a handicap.


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  1. Maria Guglielmo says:


    Perhaps you can take your dedication to community service and spread it to your peers. Not everyone feels the same way you do. I am glad that you joined a club!

    Although these resources are provided to everyone, not everyone gets the demonstrations and hands on attention that you do.


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