Response Papers

You are required to write two 1-2 page (double-spaced) response papers per book. For each response paper I would like you to find one entry in the Google class journal about that novel and respond to it.  Paste the student’s journal entry in your document and then write a short essay that engages with the ideas the student has put forward. You may want to develop the idea articulated in the journal into a more elaborate argument.  You may want to disagree with what the student has written.  If you choose to do this, make sure you back up your counterargument with textual support. You may choose to build on one of your own entries. Whatever you decide, you should use your response paper to offer a close reading of a particular passage from the text. What is the author suggesting in that passage? What questions are they raising?  How are they using language (diction, imagery, sentence structure, tone) to produce a particular impact? What makes the passage you are considering powerful, interesting, or memorable?

As I have indicated you will be writing two of these about each book.  I will be grading one and checking the other.  You should include them together in one document (saved in your personal Google drive folder).  You should have one Word document for each of the novels.  Choose the response that you think is the strongest and include it as the first response in your document, with the heading, “Formal Graded Response.” Above the second response include the heading “Ungraded Response.” To be clear, these are not two drafts of the same papers.  They are two separate response papers on different topics.