What It Takes To Make It In New York

Candice Cordero

Professor Penaz

Essay 5

May 18, 2009



What It Takes To Make It In New York


New York is like no other city in the world. It is a 24 hour-a-day city with an electric energy at rest and in motion. Perhaps nowhere else in the world is there so much going on around the clock. It expects nothing but the best from its citizens – the best doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, designers, fashion, food, etc. All kinds of people from around the world come here to seek the best from the best. New York is also one of the busiest and most competitive cities in the whole world, and there is more competition here than any other place.

The two most important factors to becoming successful in New York are hard work and a good education.  These two things eliminate any boundaries or limits to becoming successful.

New York is an extremely competitive city that strives for excellence. Therefore, academics are the keys to making the leap from the classroom into the best job placement.

Education is fundamental to compete for the best jobs in the New York City. A good education is essential to success in New York. One cannot get ahead in the city without some sort of solid educational foundation. New York is extremely competitive. People are paid for the knowledge they retain and the amount of education they received while they were students. People with the most knowledge get granted with the best benefits, jobs, and income.  A proper education cannot be taken away from anyone. It is always there as a backbone for success and speaks louder than anything else. It takes focus off of everything else – race, ethnicity, gender, and orientation. It stands alone. Having a good education means having an advantage over everyone else. People who have a good education earn better jobs than people who do not. High paying jobs are given to those with college degrees and people who get further in school than most. People with good educations are more articulate than the average person, know how to deal with certain situations, and have the basic knowledge to deal with problems that not just anyone can deal with. Having a good education means having better standards.  

Everyone is given an equal chance in New York to become successful the dependent factor is the level of education the person received. Anyone from an immigrant to a socialite can get very far in New York City. An example of this idea is my uncle. He was an immigrant from Colombia who came to New York without knowing a single word of English. He started from the bottom and slowly worked his way up. After going to school, attending college, earning scholarships, and finally graduating from Columbia University Medical School; my uncle became one of the most recognized gastrointerologists in New York City. He serves as a perfect example of how a good education is key to becoming successful in New York. 

Another necessary part to being successful in New York is hard work. Determination to reach a certain life goal and quickness in this fast paste city is what it takes to get far here. It takes a lot of dedication to strive in this city. One must have a great understanding of the city. It is important to absorb and acknowledge all of the amazing attributes New York offers. It is imperative to absorb and appreciate all of its vitality. When we stop to take a moment to appreciate the collage of themes, building structures, museums, bridges, and galleries, we realize how fortunate we are of our geographic location. We realize that education and our surroundings enrich our lives. We understand that part of the reason why we have such a competitive drive is due to the range of excellence the city strives for. Perhaps it is the reason why we are so hyperactive and eager to give the best of ourselves.

Making it in New York takes an understanding of the city, a good education, determination, and lots of hard work. A person’s success is limited without any of these factors. In this extremely busy and competitve city, only the best and most motivated people reach the top of the success ladder. In order to succeed in New York City one must educate themselves and be determined enough to compete against the abundance of people who strive to be the best. 

Healthy Eating Blog Evaluation

Candice Cordero

Professor Mary Louise Penaz

Essay # 4

May 12, 2009



Being a New Yorker, I am always busy and very time consumed. I am either at school, writing papers, in the library, working, or helping out my sister with her teenage crisis’. I live with my mother and sister, both who do not cook on a regular basis. My mother comes home too late and too tired to work in kitchen. My sister is too young to be trusted with preparing a meal. I am usually forced to order food from local restaurants, but strongly dislike doing so. Like every other girl my age, I constantly count calories and battle diets. I refuse to eat fast food or intake more than the recommended 2,000 calories. Every night I find myself in the same dilemma – hungry, but not wanting to eat anything too fattening. This blog appeals to me because it is focused directly on eating healthy. It has an enormous variety of fast, healthy, and nutritious meals anyone could make. It helps eliminate my daily dilemma by giving me more options and ideas for healthy meals.

            This blog seems ideal to me because it very well organized, easy to navigate, has tons of ideas, and has a lot of useful information. The layout of the blog is very well structured. All of the recipes for different occasions and everyday dinners, ways to save money, and exercise tips are on the left hand side of the blog. This makes it easy to find anything that is being looked for. All of the tabs are located in one place so that the person reading it does not have to click multiple links to get to what they are looking for. I also think this blog is great because it is updated very frequently. The blogger posts something new almost every single day. This shows that the blogger is just as interested and obsessed about the topic as the person reading the blog. The blog also has many pictures and videos of other people who have tried these healthier meals and have benefited from them.

            This blog is unique because it helps people stop obsessing about their calorie intake. The goal is to eat delicious, low fat food and enjoy it at the same time. The recipes give very detailed explanations on how to prepare the meals and make it easy for the reader to follow the instructions. The blog is very clear, straightforward, and keeps the attention of the readers. When I was looking through it, I just kept reading through all the different blogs. It maintains the audience focused on trying new ways to eat healthier. It is very appealing to people like me, who are always searching for better alternatives to the average, more fattening foods.  People who want to eat healthy can definitely refer to this blog and take away many new ideas as well as healthier eating habits.




One Way to Improve New York

Candice Cordero

Professor Penaz

Short Post

May 5, 2009


One Way To Improve New York



If I could see an improvement in one aspect of New York it would have to be   the conditions on the subway station. I would like to see less litter on the platforms and more garbage in the trash. I think New Yorkers need to make a greater effort on keeping the subway clean. It would be ideal if everyone threw their trash away in the proper receptacles instead of on the floor or behind the benches. The garbage on the platform is already bad enough on a regular day, but it is even worse when it rains or snows. The garbage gets all wet and stinks even more than usual. Garbage on the floor stick to everything and just makes the subways look and smell worse then they should. New Yorkers should really try to take better care of their environment. We use the subway almost every single day. Why abuse and destroy it?

            The benches on the platforms can also use some changes.  Some of these benches are absolutely discussing. They usually smell horrible because of the homeless people who sleep on them overnight. Other people also leave their garbage right on top of the seats. However, Homeless people are not the only people spending their nights on the train benches. Bed bugs can also be found there, which is why it is not a good idea to sit down on these seats. You can actually bring these bugs into your home just by sitting on a bench as you wait for the train. If everyone tried to be a little clear and stop littering, not only would the subway look and smell better, but the chances of catching bed bugs would also go down.


Candice Cordero

Professor Penaz

Essay # 3

April 24, 2009


            It is always inspiring to see someone like you be successful and get ahead in life. New York has many people who have climbed the ladder of success and completed their life goals. One of these people is Jenifer Lopez from the Bronx. She was raised like any average New Yorker. Her daily life was filled with everything any New Yorker faces. She did not always live a life of fame and glam. She knew what she wanted out of life and she did everything in her power to make it happen. She is a great role model for Latina women and for any New Yorker who wants to get ahead in life. Jennifer went form being a regular South Bronx girl to the richest Latina in the United States. Her motivation and determination is an inspiration for people everywhere, especially New Yorkers.

            Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx, New York. She is the daughter of Puerto Rican parents. Like most parents who come to the United States from other countries, they worked very hard to give their children the best education they could afford. Jennifer and her sisters attended Catholic schools up until college. Jennifer had always wanted to sing and dance. After attending Baruch College for a semester, she took up dancing and worked in a legal office. She auditioned for many dance roles and was in multiple music videos on MTV. She was a back up dancer for Janet Jackson, New Kids On The Block, and also got a job as a “Fly Girl.”

            Jennifer’s determination also landed her several film roles. She worked with Wesley Snipes in Money Train, Robin Williams in Jack, and was also in other films such as Out Of Sight, The Cell, and Shall We Dance? The biggest and most important role of her life was playing Selena. She was nominated for Best Actress because of this film. Jenifer later became executive producer of a MTV show, Dancelife.

            Jennifer Lopez’s debut album, On The 6, reached the top ten of the Billboard 200. Her song “Let’s Get Loud” earned Jennifer a Grammy Award nomination for best dance recording. Her next album, J.LO, reached number one on the Billboard 200 in 2001.

            Besides being a movie star and singer, Jennifer Lopez is also a businesswoman. She has a clothing line and fragrances. 

Essay # 2

Candice Cordero

English 2100

Essay 2

Professor M.L. Penaz

March 23, 2009



New York’s Five Boroughs


New York has many unique features that no other state could compare to. It is one of the busiest and liveliest cities in the entire world. It is a crowded place with a lot of noise, enormous buildings, and lively people. It is a modernized city that never sleeps. All of New York is widely influenced by immigrants from countries all over the world. New York attracts thousands of tourists a year and continues to be one of the most diverse places. The New York atmosphere is like no other. There is a rush that resides in New York that cannot be found anywhere else. Among New York’s many unique attractions is the way it is made up of five completely different parts, otherwise referred to as the Five Boroughs.  

The Five Boroughs consists of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Each borough helps being together five different counties – Bronx, Kings, Queens, New York, and Richmond. The boroughs are completely different from each other culture, population, influence, and diversity.

Queens is the largest and most culturally diverse of the Five Boroughs.  It is also home to major New York icons such as the New York Mets major leaguer baseball team, the U.S. Open, Silver cup Studios, Flushing Meadow Park, JFK and LaGuardia airports. Die-hard Mets fans are found all over Queens as well as their new stadium, Citi Field. On the Queens waterfront is the Citigroup building, which is the tallest skyscraper in New York City, not located in Manhattan.  Queens is most suburban the five boroughs of New York. It also has many urban neighborhoods and business districts. Queens’ blocks are a lot easier and shorter to walk compared to the streets of Manhattan or Brooklyn. Queens is becoming an artistic melting pot. It contains the Sculpture Center, the Flux Factory, the Noguchi Museum, Fisher Landau Park, Dorsky Gallery Programs, Socrates Sculpture Park, and the Museum of the Moving Image. 

            Brooklyn, which is located to the west of Long Island, is the second biggest of the Five Boroughs. It has recently drawn many Europeans to live in its neighborhoods, bringing a new sense of culture to the largely populated borough. It is the largest African American borough and is also home to African American culture. Two of the greatest rappers come straight out of this borough, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. Brooklyn is where most hip-hop music is sprung from and many artists recognize Brooklyn as its roots. The borough also has other features such as Coney Island, The New York Transit Museum, and the Botanical Garden. It’s home to the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees, which has won the World Series twenty six times.

The Bronx has many attractions such as the Bronx Zoo, New York’s Botanical Gardens, Van Cortland Park, the oldest standing house, the largest freshwater lake, and Pelham Bay Park. Its population is predominantly Hispanic, which contributes to its hip-hop influence and Latin vibes. Another borough that has a strong cultural vibe is New York City, or Manhattan. It consists if Manhattan Island, Randall’s Island, Ward’s Island, Roosevelt Island, Liberty Island, Governors Island, U Thant Island, Ellis Island, and Marble Hill. Manhattan is a major commercial, financial, and cultural center. Most major radio, television, and telecommunications companies are stationed in Manhattan. New York City is also where the New York Sock Exchange and the United Nations is located, which makes it the biggest corporate headquarters in the world.

Staten Island Main is sometimes referred to as the “forgotten borough.”

It lies on the island completely and requires the use of a ferry, although other means of transportation may be taken. Some of Staten Island’s attractions include Historic Richmond Town, a living history village and museum complex; and the Staten Island Zoo.

            The five Boroughs are unison of five completely different areas; however, they form one completely unique New York. The result is a busy, noisy, live, crowded, and business oriented place. 



Essay #1

Candice Cordero

English 2150

Professor Mary Penaz

Essay # 1

February 24, 2009



A walk through New York City cannot be compared to anything else. It is one of the most enlightening and exhilarating things I could ever do. New York City offers so much beauty and intimate memories for me.  From childhood recollections to tragic occurrences – New York contains it all.  The city never fails to astonish me when I walk down one of its streets. It has been, and will always be, the center of my world. I could not envision my life without this striking city and all the wonderful things that come along with it. Walking down a New York City street, for me, is one of the best things life a to offer.

 I have always lived in New York. I often take walks through the city just to clear my mind when I feel stressed or under too much pressure. Every time I want to feel like escaping from my current problem, I visit a part of the city I am familiar with; a place where I can remember my past and get lost in the nostalgia. I walk through Riverside Park. As I pass the dog park and head towards the river I remember all the times my grandmother took me there to feed the ducks in the summer. I remember going on picnics and running on the grass after my sister. I also remember all the times my mother would take me to play with my friends by the sprinklers, on those humid summer afternoons, and would buy me a snow cone off the hotdog stand. I love this park because it screams my childhood when I get too stressed out to even think properly. It reminds to relax and appreciate where I am at in my life.

After I leave Riverside Park, I stop by Gray’s Papaya to have one of the best hotdogs anyone could ever eat. I hop on the train, which is probably y least favorite thing to do, but I would not be able to call myself a true New Yorker if I did not commute on the MTA everyday.  I get closer to my favorite part of the city. I get to Fifth Avenue, where all the beautiful stores are located. As I passed by the high retail stores, I admired the architecture of the buildings. I tried to not overlook the complexity of the edifices I am surrounded by everyday. Each store has its own unique window display, beautiful in its own way. The mannequins dressed in chic clothes and expensive handbags set a standard for New York City residents. I get to the Louis Vuitton store and feel  pleased as walk quickly passed it without trying to bump into anyone. My father had helped design the store and I feel proud to know that he has implanted his art into the city.

I arrive at Central Park and walk past Wolman’s Ice skating Rink, where I spent so many winter afternoons. I love going ice-skating with friends once it gets dark because the lights of the buildings surrounding the rink illuminate it completely.  I find it enlightening to be able to glide on the ice as the crisp wind hits my face.  In a weird way, the surrounding buildings comfort me. I know New York City is a place that will always be familiar and welcoming to me.

Central Park also contains many other memories for me. Visits to the zoo with my little sister, climbing rocks with my cousins, watching magic shows as a little girl, horse carriage rides with friends, morning walks with my father, and picnics on Sunday afternoons. I love the way the air smells like hotdogs and cotton candy in the summer and crisp snow in the winter. There is so much to do in and around the park no matter what season it is.  Even by just taking a walk through it, I become filled with comfort and nostalgia.

Walking through New York City always gives me mixed emotions. For one, I am always very proud to be a part of such an amazing city. I love the surroundings, the buildings, the people, the noise, and the hurry. I also remember September 11 and the tragedy that occurred on that day. I remember how devastated each and every New Yorker was and how everyone came together to help. It reminds me that no matter how hectic or busy New York City can be; it will always be a loving and united place. New York will always be my home and walking through it compares to no other feeling. 

Candice Cordero

I suppose I seem quiet and reserved when people first meet me, but I am FAR from that.

I am very outspoken and like to be heard when it’s necessary. I try to enjoy life as much as I can and find the best out of everything it throws at me. I love traveling and being surrounded by new things – I love change! I do not see it as a bad thing at all, just something that is ultimately beneficial. My biggest pet-peeve would have to Citrus flavored gum. I don’t know what it is about that stuff, but it drives me nuts. i can’t stand the taste, smell. or color. It’s gross! 😉 I hope to excel in this class and do my very best. I enjoy it so far, so hopefully it only gets better…