Video Project

Capture it in 3D

Capture it in 3D is a 3D printing art studio in Brooklyn. The studio does custom 3D printing for clients by capturing the moment in 3D and using those images to print a sculpture to freeze the moment. The process can be use to design sculptures that can be used as display for shows (etc. fashion shows), conferences, studios, store fronts and offices. The process is also used to fix items that has hard to get parts, like a prosthetic leg for a disable person. The studio feature displays of past projects that demonstrate the multiple uses of the process.

Class Agenda: Monday, Nov. 25


Together we’ll screen your five-shot sequences.

Upcoming dates:

Class this Wednesday Nov. 27 will be optional. Studio H will be open for editing and I will be here for anyone who wants to have me look at anything or help/give coaching in any way.

Rough cuts of your videos will be due on Monday, Dec. 2. The final project will be due on Dec. 11, our last day of class.


Writing a lede:

Writing a nut graph:

So the classic story structure is typically something like this:


Nut graph

Body (lead quote followed by background info, another quote followed by more background info, etc.)