Zicklin undergraduate Operations Management curriculum

A World-Class BBA Curriculum in Operations Management

In 2021, the Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management at the Zicklin School of Business launched a new undergraduate curriculum in Operations Management (OM) that aligns the BBA major in Operations Management with the thinking skills and experiences necessary for successful careers  It features the following:

    1. A flexible major with 2 distinct tracks. The BBA in Operations Management gives students choice through two tracks.  Students can focus on quantitative data analytics skills (the “OM & Analytics” track) or on leadership skills (the “OM & Consulting” track). Learn more about the Zicklin major in Operations Management here and here.
    2. Courses in high-demand areas: Supply Chain Management, Lean & Six Sigma, and Project Management. These courses provide the foundations sought by employers and (with additional self-study) prepare students to take entry-level certification exams.  Learn more about the new 3000-level courses.
    3. A capstone experience in Operations Management consulting. Students will learn the art and science of management consulting from industry professionals and apply OM skills on simulated and real consulting projects.  Learn more about OPM 4551, the Operations Management Consulting course.
    4. A flexible Operations Management minor. The Zicklin minor in OM gives students the flexibility to take courses that best complement their majors and career interests.  The flexibility also opens the OM minor to Statistics and Quantitative Modeling majors.  Learn more about the Zicklin minor in Operations Management.
    5. Dedicated course prefix (OPM) All OM courses carry the OPM course code.  The OM core course, Service Operations Management, is OPM 3000, and fewer prerequisites than before means more flexibility for all Zicklin BBA students. Learn more about OPM 3000, its prerequisites, and the course prefix.