Zicklin undergraduate Operations Management curriculum

Minor in OM

Students declaring a Zicklin minor in Operations Management have flexibility to take courses that complement their business majors and provide valuable skills that are in-demand on the job market.

A minor in Operations Management requires any three (3) of the following:


Students wishing to enroll in OPM 4551, Operations Management Consulting should take OPM 3500, 3710, and 3730 as their minor.

Students majoring in Statistics and Quantitative Modeling (SQM) cannot take OPM 3500 (equivalent to OPR 3450), and so SQM majors are advised to choose three of the four courses (OPM 3710, 3730, 3740, 3750) to complete a minor in Operations Management.

Need help? If you have questions, you may contact the OM area faculty advisor.