post 4

In the TED talk , “can art amend history” by Titus Kaphur, it discusses a father with his two sons going on a trip to the museum of Natural History in New York city. The background to the story was how the father took art history courses in college and and the visual aspect of it intrigued him but the history of African Americans was what he wanted to learn more about but was poorly taught/ portrayed. He also learned that there was a deeper meaning and language to every painting. he overall ties history with art. In ” The Tourist” by toure, it starts off with an interesting image of a company trying to damage the view of an African American man. This story is similar to the ted talk because it shows the no matter how modernized our society has become, the view of African American people are stained because of history and has become a stereotype that they are “dangerous criminals ” when in reality, every race has this and this is now in peoples mind. It reminds me of countless movies I have seen based on the maltreatment and perception of African Americans. They are different in the way that in the paintings, people are drawn based on history even though thats not how it is today while in the text, it was a present photograph and people still have a negative view on it. I believe that the text is more effective because it shows that no matter how much time has passed, it has gotten better but, the thought will always be there.