Blackboard has various functions allowing you to manage course content, communicate with students, conduct exams and more. Please use the following link to read more about Blackboard benefits.

The following links provide helpful information and “how to” videos.

Please note: you have to make your course available to students first for them to see any information and updates on Blackboard.

Introduction: Getting oriented with Blackboard

General: Blackboard YouTube Channel

How to videos:

Upload files to Blackboard

Attaching Files from Course Files in Blackboard

How to Upload Files to Your Course in Blackboard

How to make your course available on Blackboard

How to create an assignment submission link

Highly relevant: How to setup SafeAssign – Ways to reduce risk of plagiarism

How to create a test

How to send emails to students via Blackboard

How to create an announcement (e.g. when class is canceled)

How to add content to a learning module


Blackboard Grade Center 1: Setting Up Grade Center

Setting up Blackboard Grade Center

The Blackboard Grade Center 101

Further links to help you navigate Blackboard:

Baruch Computing and Technology Center

Blackboard help for faculty