Taylor Swift stylizes her god given lean body, to accentuate her feminity

3112bananaTaylor Swift is naturally tall at 5 ’11”, the gorgeous blond country singer dresses to flaunt her best assets. Her body shape is rectangular, which means she is banana shaped. In order to emphasize her waist and girlish figure she wears a lot of dresses the synch at the waist to define her body.



Here the singer is wearing a creme gown, at the David Jones 26th ARIA in 2012. The gown synches at the waist, to give her body definition and the appearance of a rounder more curvy body.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

Here Taylor wore a blue mermaid style gown to the VMA’s , again the synched waist and long dress hugs her body, and gives her lean shape definition.

taylor (sinched at the waist)


Taylor was photographed at the Clave Davis Event wearing much shorter dresses that emphasize her lean long legs, but the also synches at the waist giving her more definition. The circle skirt style again gives a more curvy appearance.





The common thread here is that since Taylor is rectangular shaped whether she wear short or long dresses, the waist is always tailored to add more definition.

So if your body is rectangular/banana shaped like Taylor you should look for dresses the synch at the waist, or wear high waited skirts with tucked in shirt and belts. Try to avoid dresses that have no definition or shape, because it will leave you feeling un-confident and feeling like you are wearing a box. The goal is to dress to compliment your shape, and you will feel confident and positive just like Taylor Swift.


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