Losing toungues

Language is more significant than people can imagine. Language is what allows humans, above of all beings, superiority. Language allows us to communicate in infinite ways, there is unlimited potential. Language has allowed us to talk about the past, present, future, what would have happened, what should have happened, what might happen…


There’s a huge controversy about religion whether you’ve heard it or not. It’s not about which religion is wrong or which one is right. It’s more about whether there really is a heaven and hell and what the answer means for us here on earth

Its Time to Backoff!

I get that he’s the president of the United States and the first African American President, but do you think that Obama has been too much in the news? When a new president is chosen, they are followed by the media for the first 100 days. It’s been 209 days in 2009 and Obama still keeps making headlines…

NYC Teen Arrested

After reading about the arrest of a local teen for throwing a homemade bomb into an empty Starbucks, I was disturbed to learn that I knew the boy from school.

Image: An American Legacy

The 40th anniversary of the first man on the moon was a few days ago and it put me in a reflective mood as I thought about what this milestone really represented. This flight was so much more than a revolution for science. It is a snapshot of what this country is really built on: image.