Michael Jackson: Will He Ever Be Able To Rest In Peace?

$0$0 Today, an article was released revealing that Michael Jackson’s mother would be the one to take care of his kids. I don’t know why the media feel it is important to constantly release articles on Michael Jackson, his kids, and his personal business. Sure everyone wants to know exactly what he died of, but I don’t think the media should be digging up old stuff to release to the public in order to show who he “really” was.$0$0  Everyday there’s a new article going farther into detail about Michael Jackson’s death, family, etc. It’s getting really out of hand simply because the media hasn’t let the man rest in peace since he passed away three weeks ago. I feel really bad that the media is going deeper and deeper into Jackson’s personal life.$0$0  Poor Michael Jackson can’t get a day without being on Entertainment News or being in your local newspapers. It’s really saddening. People refuse to let him be. Everyone’s done their dirt and once they’re gone, they’re gone. I don’t see the need for anyone to have their business put out in the public; if they wanted us to know, they would have revealed it.$0$0  I can’t even believe every new rumor the media releases, I can hardly keep up. They like to release statements from whoever claims they knew Jackson. Honestly, everyone should let the man be. He was only human and everyone makes mistakes. No matter what, he was a great entertainer, the King of Pop, and that’s what everyone should remember him for since we now know that whole case was a total lie about him molesting children.$0$0

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