Bald men know how to do chocolate!

    Recently I visited the most wonderful place on Earth.  No not Disney World but Max Brenner Chocolate located on Broadway at Union Square.  From the outside I was attracted by the signature face of the bald man himself. When I opened the double doors I was immediatley hit with the mouth-watering aroma of chocolate.  Trust me for all chocolate lovers this IS heaven.$0 Max Brenner had everything from caramalized pecans coated with coco powder to chocolate pizza.  Yes, chocolate pizza.The inside of the store made you feel like you were in a chocolate factory.  The walls were deep brown and there were pipes running above you; two of them led to machines that were churning white and dark chocolate.  The store is also a restaurant where you can order regular food and anything chocolate.  It’s a nice place to look around with friends and family.  Trust me this is one of the places you do not want to miss out on :).$0$0 $0$0$0

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