Hot Mug Shot Introduces a New Celebrity

jeremy-meeks-mug-shot-400x330            Many are blind to those who appear to be physically attractive. The handsome Jeremy Meeks, with blue eyes and high cheekbones. has gained attention from his mug shot. Almost everyone on social media knows the face of Jeremy Meeks because his mug shot went viral within hours.

 In Northern California, the 30 year old was arrested, along with 3 other men, for possessing a semi-automatic Springs-field pistol. He was also charged with gang related crimes. He has a criminal background, due to his conviction of grand theft in 2002.  His recent possession of the gun was a violation of his parole.  

He is described to be one of the most dangerous criminals in Stockton, California. Meeks was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years. He currently is at the Joaquin Valley jail and will be transferred to the federal detention center. His bail has been set to 900,000, but will this be a problem for Meek?

             Meeks’ mug shot went viral when it was posted on Facebook by Stockton Police department. His picture managed to receive more than 33,000 likes, 10,400 comments and shared more than 3,300 times. According to Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department, “I have not seen that many likes on a photo before.”

Many ladies on Facebook seem to be obsessed with Meeks’ unusual appearance and left comments like,

“I have handcuffs ;)”

“I volunteer for cell mate”

“Is it illegal to be that sexy?”

Meeks is a father and a husband. His family and friends are furious about the type of publicity and comments that he is receiving because of this mug shot.

            Social media is not the only place where Meeks’ appearance is admired.  Hollywood agent, Gina Rodriguez is now Meeks’ agent. She told ABC News that he could potentially earn from $3,000 to $100,000 a month as a model. Rodriguez also said that she plans on branding him as a high fashion model and getting him a reality TV show.

            People fail to realize that this man is a felon with a family. Everyone seems too be more interested in his looks, instead of his transgressions. Many praise him as if he has done something great. It is not fair that he is being publicized because he is a criminal with charming looks. He is receiving opportunities that prisoners are not usually given.

            On June 19th, Meeks’ response to reporters was “Well I appreciate the attention but I just want them to know that this is really not me, I’m not some kingpin.” He refers to the people who are not his fans and believe that he belongs in jail. He does not want people outside of prison to view him as a convict, like the media portrays him.

            He may not be a “Kingpin” but a gun was still found in his possession, which he is not supposed to have, being  it violates his parole. He has to do the time just like every other person who violates his or her parole.

            Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angrier feels that he is being stereotyped because of his tattoos. He has a teardrop tatted on his face, which is related to his past gang relations. Tatted teardrops mean that the wearer has murdered someone. He claims that he is not proud of this tattoo because of how he is depicted. His fans tend to find these characteristics appealing.

           Meeks’ mother started fundraising on She posted pictures of Meek and his family to show people that he is the opposite of what he is portrayed as in the media.  So far she has received $2500 in donations from supporters for bail.