Madison Square Park: A Break from the City


“ It’s a break from the city” said Deena Ecker

Madison Square Park is located in the Flatiron District. This is one of the parks that people call unique. People believe it’s unique  because there are always free concerts going on or some type of event for the people to enjoy with their friends or family.

Kids love being here. They love to play in the park and be free for a short time. Alison Dalton, age 3, said “I love the swings!”

This is just one of the many things kids enjoy about the park. The park also has sprinklers that help cool down the children during a hot summer day.  “ I love the sprinklers too” said Alison

The park recently opened a new grass area where summer camps bring kids to play sports and other summer games. The summer camp kids play sports such as football and soccer.

Madison Square Park also has a dog park that allows people to bring their dogs to the park and lets the dogs enjoy themselves with other dogs. This gives people with pets time to relax outside in the beautiful weather while their dog plays. This is a great way for their dogs to exercise.

Every day hundreds of people go through the park, most of them stopping for lunch or relaxing watching the children play.

Deena Ecker comes often. ” I have been working around here for a month and I come here everyday for lunch,” she said. “I wouldn’t change anything about the park expect the tables. There need to be more tables,”

There are  always sculptures by artists throughout the park. This benefits both the park and the artist because the sculptures make people want to come into the park and learn more, while the artist gets their name out into the world.