IHOP in Jackson Heights Will Reopen


On May last year a fire broke out in the most beloved restaurant in Jackson Heights, IHOP. Every weekend people would wait inside and outside just to dine in IHOP and during the week. It wouldn’t have the same attendance as the weekend but will still have IHOP pretty full. IHOP ruined a lot of businesses near it.

But IHOP may face a lot of difficulties when it reopens. Jaxx dinner, which is  right across the street, got renovated about a year ago. It needed to get renovated so it could keep its customers. Then, IHOP  burned down, and Jaxx dinner took advantage.

IHOP is in the center of the urban area. A lot of people like Susan Garcia use to dine at IHOP, She said, “My husband and my two kids miss IHOP, We would go there every weekend after church mass.” Steven Guncay another local resident near IHOP said, ” Even though I really didn’t go to IHOP as much, every time my daughter would visit me from Chicago, we would go to IHOP and have a really great time.”

One of the workers working on the construction of the new IHOP said, “The new IHOP that is currently building is  going to be a new experience for customers dining at IHOP.”

Many people like Susan miss IHOP and want it to open as soon as possible.

Rumors say that IHOP will open in late summer when the fall is coming and people want something sweet in the cold. The worker from IHOP said, “I think they could’ve finished faster but their insurance took really long and couldn’t get work started.” This was probably due to the inspection that needed to take place to see whether the old building needed to demolished .

Many people said that there will be a lot of competition for Jaxx when IHOP will opens up again. A local resident, Morcos Guillermo. said, “ Completion will be very crucial.”

IHOP is in a very good place because it’s in the center of a very busy boulevard that is Northern Boulevard. Every 5 minutes, over 100 cars pass by IHOP. Despite that, IHOP will have a lot of difficulties grabbing their clients back to eat at IHOP.