Mexico’s Correctional System in Shambles

A lighted ventilated tunnel with five foot, six inches in height and a bit more than two and a half feet wide ensured the escape of the infamous drug lord El Chapo. We all have the ideal of correctional facilities keeping menaces to society in captivity for our safety, but this all takes a turn when Mexico’s correctional system is overruled the officers, but the criminals inside.

His third time escaping a prison, the head of Sinaloa Cartel, considered the “most powerful drug trafficker in the world” by the United States Department of the Treasury and practically a billionaire has a never ending list of titles.

This man is more than a menace to society; he is rather a plague to the positive progression of an economy. He controlled the Sinaloa Cartel tunnel that had twelve million worth of drugs that was only shut down in the year of 2013. Including 17,292 pounds of marijuana and 325 pounds of cocaine, this man provided an abundance of drugs to millions before this in which the constant fight for the end of drug abuse was ridiculed. His charges range from manslaughter to drug trafficking. Such a man as such should not be out on the streets nor should he have not been monitored carefully that he was able to escape.

The Mexican government needs to put away their ego and find El Chapo to put him in jail permanently this time. According to CNN, the Mexican government won’t accept U.S. help as they feel completely embarrassed by this escape.

They won’t accept U.S. help but they’re not even controlling the problem as El Chapo has both threatened Donald Trump and assaulted Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Twitter. After Donald Trump comments that he would  kick El Chapo’s a– if he were president, translated in proper terms, El Chapo on Twitter  responds saying that he will make him suffer. He then harassed the President saying that he needs to stop calling him a delinquent because he gives people jobs unlike the government. Threatening and assaulting politicians on social media should not be acceptable and scares the population as they no longer feel safe.

Since El Chapo  escaped three times already, what makes the Mexican government think that this won’t happen again in their hands? The tunnel for his escapes are estimated to have had 2,000 tons of dirt removed, a year at least to complete as it is lighted, have real transportation and an air conditioner. This is completely outstanding for a criminal to do inside a correctional facility. His infamous reputation for his planned tunnels has even started the joke that Mexico should let El Chapo renovate it subways  as they are in terrible condition. This complexity of the escape raises questions about corruption in Mexico as the U.S. is appalled that no one noticed this.

Violence has increased in Mexico’s prisons and the majority is controlled by inmates, the Mexican National Human Rights Commission said. The number of riots, fights, escapes and homicides increased last year with 261 inmates escaping and 73 acts of violence that left 154 inmates dead and 103 wounded. Critics say that inmates involved in the Cartel are able to leave the prison to operate their business and return to the safety of ethir cell. In addition they report that some inmates are allow to have kitchen appliances and certain weapons in their cell.The prisons are out of control making this infamous drug lord’s escape not a surprise. In 2008 when he was returned to prison, the US  asked for him to be handed over to them to promise his captivity, but Mexico’s ego again rejects this. Now the U.S. is still subject to this danger as our borders touch.

A son, a brother, an uncle, and even a father could be subject to this never ending drug abuse promoted by this man and his organization the Cartel. He needs to be captured and put into captivity permanently in order for the positive progression for the economy, not only Mexico, but the U.S. as well. Correctional facilities need to be back into the shape it was implemented for, to ensure the safety of the people and to put an end to this long fight of drug abuse.

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