Seafood Comes to Shore


Did you ever go to a restaurant where they served poor quantity seafood? Well, at Popei’s Clam Bar, you will not have to worry about that. Popei’s Clam Bar is a family friendly restaurant. Everyone is welcome and the food is affordable. At Popei’s, the seafood is fresh and fulfilling.

The moment you walk in, the sensational aroma flows through your nasal cavity and a cheerful smile greets you. The hostess quickly writes your name down and tells you how long you have to wait. I suggest you go early or make a reservation because it can be a long wait. When your table is finally ready, the hostess briskly sits you down and hands you a menu. Popei’s is a casual restaurant and you can hear the seagulls crying, since it is so close to the water.

The moment you sit, a waiter brings a small basket of bread. The bread is light, flaky, and airy. Then another waiter comes and takes your order. You can ask the waiter questions about the food and they will answer to the best of their ability. A dish that is fit for a seafood lover is “Linguine with the Works,” it comes with mussels, shrimp, scallops, calamari, scungilli, clams and crab legs served over linguine with marinara sauce. Another favorite is “The Sebastian,” it comes with a classic shrimp a la vodka, a 6oz lobster, it can served with baked potato, linguine, fries or tossed house salad.

The food is seasoned with balanced flavors of sweet, salty, and spicy that makes your mouth water. Most of the meals comes with a small portion of pasta. If you are not a seafood fan, that’s okay. Popei’s has food for “land lubbers” too. One of the most popular land dishes is the “Shell Steak,” it comes with a 14oz tender cut beef and is served with a baked potato, linguine, fries, or a tossed house salad.

Popei’s is the perfect place for your birthday because they will sing their special happy birthday song and give you a free cake with ice cream on the side.

Popei’s Clam Bar is a restaurant where seafood comes to shore. If you are ever in the mood for real seafood, go to Popei’s.

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