College Now Experiance

This summer was my first time taking a College Now class in Baruch College. I had already taken Into To Business and Psychology at BMCC, but really wanted to take a class at Baruch College since I really want to attend Baruch upon graduating from High School. Since I had already taken the other two courses being offered, my only choice was to take Journalism. At first I was hesitant but that all changed as the class progressed.


My favorite and most memorable assignment was when we are assigned to do man on the street interviews about the “soda ban.” We were assigned to groups of three and decided to go to Madison Park to ask some people on the proposed ban.


At first I was really nervous to go up to a random person on the street and interview them, but after I did it, I felt relieved. We also had several other man-on-the street assignments and I think that it really helped me with my communication skills. The ability to effectively communicate with others is an essential part of being a journalist, but also in life and in any other career choice that I may pursue. I think that this was one of the most important things that I learned from this class.


I also learned how to properly structure a news article. You start with the lede, which is the first paragraph of the story describing the 5 w’s and followed by the nutgraf which describes the most important points and news value of the story.


The professor’s lessons were always very informative and she was always prepared. Her draft edits were also very helpful and she also would also plan fun activities to keep the class lively.


Overall, I really enjoyed the class.

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