Big Apple wants the 2024 Summer Olympics

New Yorkers have their eyes glued to the screen this week, waiting for their favorite Olympians to get gold for the United States at the 2012 Olympics, which began in London on July 27.

New York City was in the running for the 2012 Olympics but lost out to London. Now, the city could be back in the race for the 2024 Summer Olympics, according to news reports. Many New Yorkers say they’d love to experience the games in the Big Apple.

“I think it would be a historic moment if the Olympics were in New York City,” said Mayerc White, 19, a student from Chicago studying at New York University.

“Something to do in the city after you’ve done it all,” White continued.

White has only lived in the city for one year. He said that he would love to go watch the Olympics with his friends in New York and maybe invite his family from Chicago.

“ New York is the better city because you could get around so easily and go see sites while in town for the games,” he said.

Hundreds of cities are hoping to host 2024 Olympics, but only five will compete in the bid.

The International Olympic Committee organizes the summer Olympics. Cities wishing to stage the Olympics will become “Applicant Cities.” Then the IOC will select a number of applicants to be considered “Candidate Cities.” From there, a round of votes from the chooses the remaining cities, until one remains.

This selection for 2024 Olympics will take place during 2017.

The United States Olympic Committee, an organization that conducts the bid for the United States, said New York City is considered a top contender for the 2024 Olympics, according Gamesbid, an online newspaper covering the Olympic Games.

Dennis Gonzinoliz, 56, works at Madison Square Garden. He said he was disappointed when he found out New York lost the bid for 2012.

“I would feel honored if I could watch the Olympics live at work,” he said.

Gonzinoliz said the stadium could host events like boxing and basketball. Madison Square Garden is about to finish renovations, he said, and it would be perfect timing to host the Olympics because it would bring in more cash.

But others are no so keen on the idea of hosting the Games on their home turf.

“I’m just afraid that the market for the Olympic Sports would not be as good as Europe’s and that’s why they might consider a nation in Europe over us,” said Louis Delou Santos, who works at a sporting goods store in midtown Manhattan.

Based on what he sees his customers purchase, Santos said Americans tend to like boxing, football, and basketball—sports that play only a small role in the Olympics. But he says his European customers tend to like Olympic sports more, like soccer, swimming, track and tennis.

“Building the stadium would be a waste of space,” he said. “But then after the Olympics, they can give the stadium to the Jets. I’m tired of going to Giants stadium to watch a Jets game.”

Others also fear the Olympic games could negatively impact the city.

Frank Zippu, 75, runs a small souvenir shop on 33rd Street and Fifth Avenue.

He worries the Olympics could bring more competition in the form of better and new gift shops that would pop up to sell Olympic merchandise.

“Business is no good right now, my friend,” Zippu said. “I might not make it this year, I don’t need some sports game making my life a million times harder.”

During 2010 there were around 50.9 million visitors in the city, and they spent up to $31.5 billion according to NYC and Company.

Mark Bandiolov, 49, a sanitation worker, said that he would get a good four years of work if the 2024 Olympics were in New York.

“It would bring in more work because we would have to clean up the whole city and I can get better pay checks before retiring,” Bandiolov said. “I just would mind that the city will be flocking with more tourists from the opposing teams.”

Roger Aerano, 58, a former MTA worker, wouldn’t mind the increase in tourism.

“New York is a city for tourists, like the U.S. is a country for immigrants,” he said. “Not everyone in New York can go and travel to London, but they all want to go see the Olympics.”

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