Review of the Journalistic Writing Course

Its been a long six weeks at the College Now Journalistic Writing Class but I can say I am satisfied with the work i’ve done and taking this class was a great experience.

At first the class started out a little tense and everyone was quite and kind of shy. This continued for about a week even after we did the man on the street interview activity, which really took a lot of people, including me, out of their comfort zone. The group activities proved to be helpful though, being grouped with different people encouraged us to speak to our classmates more. This was especially true for the newsroom war activity where we had to collaborate in a group of 7-9 to create one news article. 
As the weeks went by we also had several guest speakers and that was very interesting. Our last guest speaker was a writer/producer for New York 1. This was especially exciting for me because I watch NY1 regularly.
The Opinion Piece our final piece of work is the most interesting just because i’ve been following the olympics since it started this summer and because i’m attempting to write a better article than a classmate who has a different view on gymnastics.
Overall this class was great and though i’m now a bit hesitant to want to try and pursue a career in journalism I still will test the waters in college, but I think i’ll stick with journalism regardless. The Professor Jeanmarie was a big help and I thank her for the time she spent teaching us.

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