Review on CollegeNow Journalistic Writing 2012

This summer I was torn on what to do. My mother said this summer she was not going to let me just stay home like I did in summer 2010 and 2011. So my choices were either getting a job or taking a college course. My first choice was getting a job for two reasons: one I never had a job and two I didn’t want to do collegenow because I was so burnt out from the year that I did not want to have more work over the summer since I would already have summer assignments.

After talking to my college counselor she advised me to take a collegenow course because even though it is good to work, colleges would rather see that you completed a college course and did well. So, after much hestitation and consideration I filled out the application for Baruch’s Summer 2012 CollegeNow for Journalistic Writing. 
Journalism is a major I’m considering taking in college. When I saw this journalistic writing class I said to myself that it would be a good class for me to take since this is something I’m interested in taking college. I was a bit excited for the course as much as I was nervous about what the work load would be. 
I was expecting to do a lot of writing and a lot of investigating in issues as well as talking to people. I wasn’t expecting too much of a challenge because I am a good writer however I knew learning the structure and format of writing a news story would be challenging. 
For the most part the college was fair (not easy nor hard) and the work load was not that bad. The only part that I didn’t was having a news quiz every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I did well on most of the writing assignments and enjoyed writing them. Though I did well on most of them.  
Doing man on the street interviews took getting used to and was intimidating at first. It was even more frustrating when people were rude and shut me down in a nasty way.
With all this, I did enjoy taking the class and it was a good experience. I would certainly recommend taking the course if writing is something you like doing. Jeanmarie was a great teacher who was nice, helpful and gave good feedback.  

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