Journalism Review on Journalism

Journalism Review on Journalism

By Yakov Gavrilov

Today would be my last post, and I want to thank all my readers for following me up until now. The program and my experience with all of you would be lingering in my mind for years to come.

It was an interesting experience, learning about journalism, I mean. It was a skill that always interested me because like many others I read the news.

What I learned about journalism was more interesting than I thought it would be. Apparently there are different types of Journalism and they actually like spelling things there own way.

Like the words lead and nutgraph are actually spelled lede and nutgraf, funny I know but it’s true.

The lede and nutgraf is the beginning of the article and the things that I’m probable never forget because it’s something I see daily.

There is so many ways you could write this ledes that it makes an article more interesting to read because it would be boring if each of them started the same way.

If everyone did start it the same way then the newspaper industry would really be a dying industry.

The history of this industry is really interesting to learn about mostly the recent history because the history of the industry is changing now.

Every article most people read is on the Internet, this article is on the Internet.

 But the industries are trying to power themselves through it and it’s really interesting, how there going about solving the problems of an industry that is dying.


Some are adapting to the Internet and others stay in print because there such a large newspaper and many have fallen because of the economic problems.

That was probable my favorite experiences in this classroom. Maybe it’s because I’m just such a history nerd.

– Thank you to my teacher, fellow classmates, and readers I wish you all the luck in life, and thank you for making me have such a wonderful summer.

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