My Experience With Journalism

When I first came to this class I thought it was going to be a waste of my summer vacation. I didn’t think that spending six weeks in a classroom was going to be fun. Luckily I was mistaken and judged the course before it started.

One thing I like was that we were not in a normal classroom with desks and chairs. We had a journalism studio with computers and a conference room setup. 

Another thing I underestimated was not making any friends. Turns out I was wrong about that as well. Everyone in this class was cool to talk to. For the most part we all got along like friends even though after this week we might not ever see each other again.

I thought this class was really interesting because before this class I did not know there was a different type of writing besides school essay writing. Journalists have a completely different way of writing their information and thoughts.

The introduction to a journalist is a lede, the paragraph after is the nutgraf and their title to their story is a headline.

During this coarse I also learned about the direction that news and journalism is going. Editors have told us that eventually there will not be a newspaper anymore, due to the advancement of technology.

I found the process of obtaining information when writing a story interesting. You have to ask dozens of random people questions about your story. Most of those people will either refuse to help you or claim to not know what you are talking about. 

The last thing I found good about this class was the professor. She was extremely passionate about making her students into real journalists. Her lessons really helped prepare us for what it would be like in this field of work. 

Overall it was a good experience. 

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