Reflection of the Journalism Course

As today is the last day, I feel I should write my last blog on my experience taking this course. I’ve learned how a reporter has to deal with interviewing strangers, trying to get people to respond to your calls and emails before your deadline, stressing out over your deadline, and learning how to write like a journalist.

I chose this course to improve my writing for the SAT. However, taking this course allowed me to realize I am willing to consider going into journalism for college. I’ve learned how essay writing differs from journalism writing. Journalism writing is short and to the point.

My favorite part of this class was going out to interview people on the street about Bloomberg’s soda ban policy and how people in NYC are dealing with the heat. By taking this course, I have been given the chance to meet new people and experience what a college course is like.

Being a journalist is hard and stressful, however, it is the best feeling to have your work read by people. I’ve enjoyed interviewing people on the streets and overcoming my shyness. I would recommend taking this class for everybody who wants to improve their writing and socializing skills.

To anybody who reads this, addio, aurevoir, and goodbye for this will be my last blog post.

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