The Last Post

Today it’s everyone’s last day at blogging on the Paw Print. It’s hard to think of something to write when it’s your last day at College now. I see the people around me and all they have is a blank word document open, and staring at it wondering to write.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see my classmates again, maybe one day in college without knowing I go into a class and I see someone from college now sitting right next to me and tells me, “Hey, you remember me?” These past few weeks in my Journalistic Writing class, I’ve learn a lot of things that I wouldn’t have known until I actually go to college. Now I am sure that I want to become a journalist in the future. I came here into the class with little knowledge and now I’m leaving with a lot of knowledge J. This was an amazing experience because it helped me get out of doubts that I had about becoming a journalist.

Thank you, Jeanmarie for teaching us the true meaning of journalism and giving us that once in a life time experience. You made it seem so real, like if we were in an office writing a newspaper due the next day. I would always remember this experience J

                                                                            Thank you once again. 

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