Last Day of Classes

Today is our last class together. Everyone is on their computers blogging about their experience when taking this class. Journalistic writing was different than what I thought it to be. I didn’t think that we would be learning about how newspapers and reporters work. However it was fun. We had to go out in groups and do man on the street interviews. We were all shy at first and didn’t know how to approach people who would answer our questions. But we had other chances to practice on our interviewing skills when we went out to do the summer heat story and when we went out to do our story on study abroad students. We got to meet new people from our classes and had fun during classes. The college now program gives us a whole hour to eat our lunch while in high school, we only have about half an hour lunch. This summer, a lot of Baruch High School students are taking college now classes so most of the time we would sit together in the area outside the cafeteria or go up to the 8th floor lounge to eat our lunches. Because we were taking journalistic writing, our room is a computer lab. It is nice that we get surrounded by mac computers and get to sit in nice chairs; it is freezing cold in the room. It seems like the air conditioning is turned on full blast every day. Now that it is time to leave this room, it’s a bit saddening. Now everyone is off to spend their last few weeks having fun and going on vacation because soon school would start again for us. 

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