The End Of A Great Summer

I spent my summer at the Baruch College Now Journalism program. I initially thought my summer was going to be boring, because I was going to be in school for the majority of my time. But, it’s actually been one of the best summer’s I’ve ever had. I had the chance to write an article, get it published, meet new people and learn about the field of journalism in depth.
During this course, I met a lot of current journalists that enlightened me on the world of journalism. I even visited Saveur food magazine, which was a mind-boggling experience. Journalism has opened my eyes on how I view the world, and writing has now become a significant part of my life. At Baruch College I met some truly amazing teens that are interested in the same thing as I am, and I will never forget them. They are not only my peers, but also my friends. I would like to thank Katina Paron and her student teachers Kristin, Lauren and Andrew for being by my side and helping me improve my writing. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend this summer program, and as much as I’m going to miss this class, I am excited to move forward in the world of Journalism.

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