Movie Review: "Captain America: The First Avenger"

The 1941 comic, Captain America: “The First Avenger,” came to life on July 22, with actor Chris Evans. Captain America is one of the first Marvel Comics. This action packed thriller is about a simple kid from Brooklyn who wants to complete his duty as a man and fight for America in the mist of World War II. Even after being denied from every recruiting station and seeing his best friend Bucky get accepted, Rogers continued trying. The opportunity arises when he meets a man that is able to change his life with an enhancing experiment, which turns him into the hero, Captain America.

Among the main characters is Steve Rogers, a wimpy guy determined to get into the arm. Soon enough he achieves this by becoming captain America, through an experiment procedure that makes him buff and irresistible. There is of course the leading lady, Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell (“Any Human Heart”), and her character is a strong-headed woman. She works as an assistant general to the General, played by Tommy Lee Jones (“Men In Black”).

And of course, what’s a super hero movie without a villain? Hugo Weaving plays Johann Schmidt ( “Matrix”), who later in the movie becomes Red Skull. He steals the mixture that is used to create Captain America. he steals it to form his own empire and control the world, a master plan that is destroyed by Captain American and his team.

The director, Joe Johnston, captures the story and portrays just about everything, from action to romance, and even wise cracks to lighten the mood of the movie, but not too much to take away from the action. Johnston uses the 3D feature well, by having Captain America’s famous shield fly into the crowd a couple of times. Having this movie in 3D is an advantage.

This movie is a great movie for Marvel comic fans, and even some who have never seen a Marvel comic or movie. Even though this movie isn’t as popular Spiderman, “Captain America” did well in the box office. As of Aug. 7, 2011, the worldwide gross is $246,203,967. Stay tuned after the credits for a sneak peak of the 2012 release of another Marvel classic, “The Avengers.” 

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