Running has always been a huge part of my life, because my dad was into running and constantly tried to have his love of track passed down to my brother and I . We are both involved in track and happen to just love the sport, and my dad is ecstatic about that.
There is something liberating about running. Perhaps, it is the pounding of your feet across the pavement or the adrenaline rush that you have once you lace up your shoes. However, once you start running it feel as if you never want to stop.
I’ve been involved in track and field since the 3rd grade, and have qualified to compete at Icahn stadium. This year I am going to try out for the cross country club, because I think the scenery will be beautiful and it will help my endurance. I began training for cross country this year and thought it would be easy. However, much to my surprise, it was difficult and and extremely exhausting. I still remember my legs aching from using muscles that i didn’t remember having. I looked up running schedules to get into shape for cross country and they were so intense. One involved running seven miles and then doing sprints four days a week. That schedule seemed way to involved. So, I began to run by the water on a running path, and gradually decrease the number of breaks I was making on my own terms. I run four days a week for 3 1/4 miles. I am able too cut down the breaks from around 8 to 1.
Running is a way to clear your head and just relax. I don’t know really how to describe what a great sport running  truly is.

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