The World Wide Web

Just the other day, our class had a sports writer come in to talk to us. Even though I don’t plan on ever going into writing news for the sports world, I found that I learned a lot of things from Rich. He kept offering to give us experience on the “field”, and the opportunity to go out and learn how to be a journalist. He said to be serious about being who we want to be. Besides the fact that he kept saying that being a reporter takes away from your social life, I have to say that he was the most helpful of the speakers. 

What I took from his meeting is that having experience is important, and that it is vital to get ready for your future as soon as you can. He told us to make blogs and make use of the internet, because it is  world full of possibilities. People will read and listen to what you say on the internet. I agree, the internet is really helpful. With the internet, a whole bunch of people get jobs, get to show their talent and share their ideas. People make funny and inventive videos on YouTube and Vimeo. It is wonderful to see what these people make. The same with blogs, it is wonderful to read what people from all over the world think, and it is great that the whole world is connected in this way.

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