Bittersweet Summer

It’s only two weeks into August, and I’m already saying goodbye to summer. Summer has passed by so unexpectedly, and so many things were done. I can say I made this summer productive. I worked my brain for more tips and knowledge. I also got paid for doing something I enjoyed, which is always a bonus. I learned so much about becoming a better writer and I consumed it for the future ahead of me.

For one thing, I think I improved as a writer. I opened up a little more and went out there to get information. I love writing and I don’t think I will ever stop writing. I think that this summer helped me realize a few things about myself, and also about what I want to pursue in college.
I am hoping for the summer to slow down a bit, because school is just around the corner. I am not looking forward to going back to school and dealing with the hardest year of my life. Senior year will be the death of me. From college applications to AP courses, I’m going to wish that summer would just come back.
This summer has been HOT, and not once have I dived into a pool full of cold water. However, this summer didn’t disappoint me. It brought a full ounce of sunshine almost everyday. My fan became my best friend throughout the hottest days in the summer.
This Summer has brought in memories, and more realization about myself than ever before. So, I say goodbye summer, until next time.

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