Hoot Hoot !

Last month, on June 23rd, I went to the Owl City All Things Bright And Beautiful concert, in Roseland. I went with two of my friends. I am probably the biggest fan of Owl City, and since this was basically the first concert I had ever been to, the whole day was a pretty big deal to me.

When we got there, there was just a floor in front of the stage, and no seats. We thought this would be fine, and since we weren’t that far from the stage it wasn’t that bad.
But then the concert started, and we realized that our “seats” weren’t really that great at all. The concert started with two different bands opening up for Owl City, and my friends and I were standing in back of this really tall boy. We couldn’t even see the stage.
The opening bands playied for so long, and all we could see was the back of someone’s head. We were getting super impatient, and I wasn’t having fun at myy first concert.
But then, one of the singers of the band walked off stage, and suddenly everyone was running in his direction just to touch his hand. My friends and I ran as fast as we could in the opposite direction, and ended up getting even closer to the stage, and had no one tall in front of us.
Owl City finally came onto the stage, with an audio in the background that said “hoot hoot !”
The concert ended up being amazing and my friends and I had so much fun. I just hope that my next concert starts much earlier, and we’ll be smarter about where we decide to stand. 

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