July 4th Shootings Leaves Queens Residents Shaken Up

Since the July 4th shootings at the Pomona Houses in Flushing, residents have noticed a larger police presence. However the tighter security through the apartment complexes isn’t doing much to make people feel safer.

Police have set up large florescent lights in the middle of three buildings and have been patrolling the area in groups of four.

“It makes sense to have the florescent lights, but I don’t exactly think that it would help that much because one of the shootings were in broad daylight so obviously the shooters aren’t exactly hiding, ” said Dannille Alexandra, 42.

“I feel like the police fail at life,” was how 18-year-old Ashley Bradshaw put her response to the police actions.

She says since the police didn’t catch the shooters, the other residents don’t feel safe.

Bradshaw feels immune to any danger. “I’m a thug and thugs don’t get scared,” she said. “Plus, I stay strapped,” she said referring to carrying a gun.

She is, however, worried for her 71-year-old grandmother who often runs errands in the area.

“I was scared knowing it happened so close to my home, but I’m still doing my normal routines with caution,” said Norma Bradshaw, the grandmother.

On Independence Day, two shootings cost one woman her life and left three men in their early 20s shot in a span of five hours.

The shootings caught the community off guard. “In the 10 years that I’ve lived here, nothing like this ever happened,” said the elder Bradshaw.

There has been a 66 percent decrease change in the last two years of murders in the area according to police data.

“To be honest the police probably don’t know exactly how to handle this since an event like this isn’t common to the area,” added Alexand

According to news reports, the police have brought in Lerome Robinson for questioning in relation to the shooting.

The police and Community Board 7 refused to comment on the matter.

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