Dear Summer

Summer 2010 has been by far the most exciting summer ever.

I have achieved one of my greatest accomplishments: having my article posted on a New York Times blog. This is the ultimate achievement in journalism, to me at least. The class itself was a wonderful experience that was a little out of my comfort zone. That forced me to work harder.

The class exposed me to community news. I live in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. My neighborhood lacks community news outlets and I feel like my job as a journalist would be to be the voice of the West Indian Community. As someone who lives in the community and knows it well, I feel my job is to fill that gap between East Flatbush, or other West Indian communities, and the media.

However, the summer wasn’t all work. I did manage to spend a lot of time having fun.

I started off my summer in Washingon, DC for the West Indian Carnival. I thought it was boring if you weren’t playing in the mud and 85% of the participants in the parade were all decked out in mud. I didn’t come to the carnival with the intentions of ruining my clothing.

The summer was also filled with loads of parties. The best party was “Lipstick Jungle.” This was the party that my best friend and I threw.

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