My Journalism Experience

Originally I wanted to write about a fun summer playlist that I enjoy, but I decided to write about my journalism class experience. Sadly, today is the last day that I would reunite with my journalism class.

It’s sad because I honestly and wholeheartedly enjoyed everything that it had to offer. The people I met, the guest speakers, the trips, my professor Katina, the interns that helped me out a lot and especially the friends that I made which made this experience that much more enjoyable.
Through this class I have gained so many skills that I will rely on for for years to come. For instance, I learned the aspects of an editor and the hard work that a journalist has to go through. 
Journalists have to have a topic and with that create an original, factual story. That can be very difficult especially when you have a deadline and there are people that you need to interview that don’t pull through or don’t answer the specific important questions that you need answered. I take for granted the work and stress behind mini articles whether it be through magazines, newspapers, the radio and any favorite news station and the information that it offers. These people work hard and pursue what they love most : NEWS.
I also learned the crucial importance of writing effective sentences that get straight to the point of my topic. Knowing that, I can become a fluent speaker because I know what I’m talking about and I know exactly the ideas I want to get across.   
This course has been very vital to my future because through this I have found my dream job. I was always confused what I wanted to do with my future whether I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer or a writer, but now I know I want to be a journalist. The inspiration behind this was a magazine that the class was able to visit called Saveur.
This magazine is a food magazine and I loved everything about it. I was intrigued by the thought of traveling, which I always wanted to do and they were able to do just that. The writers would travel around different parts of the world and get involved with the people of different cultures. Through the culture, they would learn about the history and the art of food on places like Rome, Greece, Italy, South America or Spain. 
The work environment of Savuer reminded me of home because even though they all separately go out to get their stories, at the end of the day they all get together and combine their ideas and comment on the work produced. At home everyone leaves for hours goes to school or work, but at the end of the day we come together relax and joke around. Thats the vibe that I got off of the writers and intern chefs that worked there. Even though the writers would talk about the stress that they go through, you only see happiness when they smile and describe their work with such passion that I vowed to be just like that. I wouldn’t want a nine to five job that I hated and only did it because of the money.  

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