Magic and fame made worthwhile

Some people see magic as an escape some see it as smoke and mirrors but some people don’t use props and use deserted isolated place to perform. Some people feel that magic is a lie but you need to believe in any thing if you have dreams you must believe in anything to make your dream a reality and to become famous you must believe it is mot magic it does not happen that way you can’t just snap your fingers an poof you have fame and money you have to work hard and believe in what you want. Just create a dream follow it and work for it and any positive way don’t let any negative feedback bring you down like if you want to be a singer you have to practice till your voice is perfect or for any instrument you have to practice till its perfect and sound right. You cant forget those who helped you get there because without them there would be no magic or fame and you would be just a normal person like everyone with a dream wanting more from life. You need to pick a star and follow it as my best friend would say to me.

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