Salt Movie Review

There aren’t many times when you can see a female lead in an action movie but Angelina Jolie does an admirable job playing the character Salt in this summer’s action movie by the same name.

“Salt” was written by Kurt Wimmer, who wrote action movie “Equilibrium” in 2002, and was directed by Phillip Noyce, who directed and got his ideas from similar movies such as “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger.” Salt was released in July, giving the summer a great action movie to be proud of.

Evelyn Salt (Angelia Jolie), a CIA agent, is accused of being a Russian spy and goes on the run from the CIA, FBI and Secret Services to prove that she is innocent of crimes.

Her co-worker Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) doesn’t believe her when Salt says she’s not a spy, while Salt’s co-worker Winter (Liev Schreiber) tries to convince Peabody that Salt isn’t a spy.

Salt goes through a series of flashbacks in the movie that make her seem more than an innocent person on the run. The flashbacks make the movie a little confusing: it’s hard to know whether Salt was supposed to be a Russian spy or not, but the flashbacks made the movie more interesting, and had the audience guessing.

Salt’s biggest fear is that her German husband (August Diehl), who once was tough enough to bust her out of a North Korean prison, could be affected by the claim that she is a Russian spy.

Scenes in the movie such as Salt jumping from truck to truck on the highway are very exhilarating, as she tries to escape the blame of being a Russian spy.

The ending of the movie is confusing because whether Salt is supposed to be on the run for the rest of her life isn’t exactly clear.

This movie is worth seeing. It talks about a character who is constantly being accused of being this Russian spy. But the character doesn’t know who she is herself, and what see was went to do. As she goes on the run, flashbacks bring back memories of what she was made to do.

From previous movies Angelina Jolie did, such as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Jolie brought more performance in Salt. To be a 35-year-old action female star, Jolie does great acting, and does a super job with bringing her character out, which explains why the Daily News made her number five of the top 10 female action stars of all time.

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