Is There Anything BP Can Do Now?

While the oil spill may be capped, the repercussions will be long lasting. BP would like to say they are optimistic about their future, but the truth is that there are still many questions to be asked and it is unlikely that people will put their trust in BP ever again. They have ruined their reputation and as anyone who has been scorned by the media can tell you, a tarnished reputation can be almost impossible to get back.

So what will it take for BP to gain some trust and have the eyes of the world taken off them? For one thing, they need to take stronger precautions, so that this type of spill, or any spill for that matter, will happen again.

As I’ve seen and read, it is inevitable that they will drill more. The government and the companies make too much money from it for it to be to stopped. With corporations, money comes before safety. Being that it is inevitable, BP has to lead the way in safety precautions now. They have to show the world that they have learned from their mistakes and take the initiative, so that the other corporations will enact the same safety measures. I am against drilling because even when something does not go wrong, it is still negatively affecting habitats and innocent animals, but if there is no way of changing the minds of the companies and the government, then at least, we must ensure the safety of individuals and make it a somewhat less dangerous job.

Another thing BP must do is answer any and all questions the public may have and show they have some sense of selflessness. BP’s former CEO, Tony Hayward, enraged many Americans affected by the spill, when he said that he wanted his “life back.” Americans saw this as the ultimate selfish remark and looked at BP in an even worse light. The corruption and lack of communication inside BP has been incredible during this spill, and needed to take a backseat while they found a way to cap this spill. Now, that this spill seems to be somewhat fixed, BP needs to communicate within themselves and to the public. BP needs to be ready to address everything they’ve done since April and face the American Public.

While BP’s reputation is most likely forever tarnished, by doing these things, they may reduce the amount of scorn they are receiving.

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