"A Pillow Case of Mystery II" -施公å¥Â‡æ¡ÂˆII Movie Review

Kids are probably going to talk to their pillows after watching the episodes of the newly released drama “A Pillow Case of Mystery II.” This drama has been broadcasted in Hong Kong by TVB from July 12 to August 6 and has been internationally viewed by audiences on Youtube.com. Starring Bobby Au-Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Joel Chan, Leila Tong and Johnson Lee, the drama is hilarious yet extraordinary.

“A Pillow Case of Mystery II” is a 21-episode Chinese drama with English subtitles. Each episode could work as a stand-alone show. Combined of comedy, romance, fantasy, and mystery, it adds a fresh taste of mixed genres to the existing series.

Sze Sai-Lun (Bobby Au-Yeung), the protagonist, comes across a pillow that follows him everywhere he goes. The pillow contains a spirit who gives him hints and clues to solve mysterious cases that occur in the village. While solving cases, he gradually falls in love with his enemy. He and his new wife, Ng Kwan-Yau (Jessica Hsuan) unite to solve the challenging mysteries ahead.

Though the chemistry between Sai-Lun and Kwan-Yau melts the hearts of the audience, creating touching scenes, Ting Mei-Yan (Leila Tong) and So Ying Tsun (Joel Chan) express a light-hearted love story as well.

The spirit in the pillow is played by Lee, a wise choice for Director Lam Chi Wah. Lee has been funny before in the “Poker Face” show, but now he is more entertaining when mimicking people, a skill put to good use in this series.

It is difficult to stop laughing scene after scene because Lee dresses up in bizarre costumes. In episode two, he is mesmerizing as a mermaid. Lee wears a shimmering sequined caramel-colored tail fin. The golden seashells on his chest thrust outward while his long, luminous blond hair tosses in the air. From the back, he looks like a gorgeous, stunning mermaid but the trick is on the audience when he turns around to reveal Ngau Tai Lik – the pillow spirit.

A high-quality drama makes its audience watch episode after episode without going to the bathroom or sleeping because it’s so riveting that people don’t want to miss anything. In “A Pillow Case of Mystery II,” each case has its own breathtaking moments where the audience can solve along on the side.

“A Pillow Case of Mystery I” has won the “Best Drama” award at the 39th TVB Anniversary Awards in 2006. In 2010, the sequel to “A Pillow Case of Mystery I” might win the awards again at the upcoming 40th TVB Anniversary Awards.

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