Learning and Growing

Working with kids is a great opportunity to challenge oneself and to gain experience as well. It takes plenty of patience to understand the kids and to make them feel safe and comfortable when they are with you. Kids are like plants; you nurture it with care and love, they grow up tall and strong in return. Seeing the process of kids growing and being along with them makes anyone feel accomplished.

Kids are easy to understand once you listen to their hearts. Although kids may seem annoying and wild but they are actually naïve. They are trying to catch adults’ attention because they don’t want to be alone in the darkness. If kids are wild when they are with you, it’s a good sign. Kids get hyper easily and they just want to play with you and have fun. Maybe when they grow up, they won’t recognize you however; it’s such a precious memory to keep.

You actually grow with the kids during the process. You have taken responsibility and developed leadership and communication skill. At first, kids may view you as a stranger because they don’t know who you are. When you come often and play with them, they would gradually feel the tender care and attention you are giving them. It’s difficult to make kids talk to you more but once you chime in with their conversations, they will talk to you continuously. It’s a practice to learn more about them and learn how to communicate with kids or even adults. A kid that doesn’t listen to you at first listens to you now shows that you have leadership skills. You have influenced them and made him/her aware that they have to listen to you as a teacher. In order to influence kids, you have to be a good role model in front of them. A good role model does the right thing and grows as in improving oneself.

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