Do you have any talent?  Talent is such a broad word.  Talent doesn’t have to be only from singing and acting; there are all sorts of talent.  When I look up the word “Talent” in the thesaurus, it gave me: aptitude, flair, gift, bent, capacity, ability, genius, etc.  Talent comes from different age groups or different types of acts. 

Talent is what makes people self-conscious because they believe they cannot do anything, but I believe everyone has talent no matter what they do.  Talent can be hobbies they have or what they are good at.  Even though people discourage you and say that you are not good at something, you are good inside your heart.  Everyone has a talent; you just have to see if it is a natural gift or not.

But, yesterday when I was watching “America’s Got Talent” a girl’s talent surpassed me of what I original thought of her.  She was only 10 years old, but her voice is a voice of a grown-up opera singer.  Her name is Jackie Evancho and she only started singing at the age of 8.  She has a natural talent and that is a gift from heaven because it is hard to have a natural talent that will stun the entire world.

You don’t have to be expert on things to have talent because talent comes from your heart and your inner mind.  Also, talent is about expressing your feelings through what you are good at.  Personally, I never thought I had talent because I grew up thinking that I am not good at anything.  But I believe if I am passionate about something that will be my own talent because it is what I like to do.  People may tell me I have no talent or I am not good at something, I will tell them they are wrong because I do have a talent that I enjoy doing.

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