Zam Zam Restaurant Review

On opening day, it was hard not to notice the long line outside of Zam Zam, a new restaurant on Starling Avenue in the Bronx. The atmosphere in the store and the smell quickly overcame me. There were golden-colored wall sheets that added an air of fashion and luxury.

In the back of the restaurant, the chef was busy serving and cooking for the customers, since only three people were working in the restaurant. He is a well-known chef who commutes from Mitali restaurant in Queens to work at Zam Zam. Though there are two more Indian restaurants along Starling Avenue and competition is an issue, his presence plays a key role in Zam Zam’s success.

The desert column has sweets that come in many flavors such as coconut, mango and more. They also serve a rice pudding that includes coconut, rice and cream on the top to match its flavor for only $4. They serve mango lassi that is specially made with yogurt, honey and mangos to bring out its taste for $2.50. The all-you can eat buffet on Fridays is a true value for $5. Customers are allowed to make your own dishes and it’s a lunch special that you cannot miss.

The curry dishes all have different taste. Some are spicy while others are sweet, but all includethe naan and rice of your choice. Cream and sauces are provided on the side for customers’ use.

The best part of the selection is the Chef’s Special, which includes four chicken dishes. Chicken kurma has this creamy and sour taste that fills the mouth with delight. It also includes two beef specials. One was korai and the other was dupiaza. It is freshly made with minced garlic, green chilli, garam masala, tomatoes, whipping cream, fresh cilantro and small pieces of meat.

The combo dishes are very inexpensive at Zam Zam, compared to restaurants nearby.For $12.45, patrons can get a dish of chicken tandoori, beef bhuna, naan, mango lassi and fried rice. The tandoori chicken is excellent. It is spicy on the outside and once you bite into the meat, you will realize that it is well cooked inside. The portion size is also pretty good as it was plenty enough for me to take home and share it with my family.

If you’re roaming around Parkchester and you are looking to eat at an Indian restaurant, Zam Zam restaurant is your stop. The foods are prepared by a well-known chief at reasonable price. You will not be disappointed if you or your buddies decide to come here to eat lunch or dinner.

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