Split, Splash, is the Way Of Summer Fishing

When you see hooks flying back and forth in the water, smell the salty ocean and fish guts, be warned, its fishing season. A fun out door activity to do in the summer is fishing. Fishing lets you be more manly and allows bonds to happen. When I go fishing with my father on Sundays, I learn a lot or we both do. Taking the bait and learning how to cut it and placing it on the hook in a special way is fun and important to catch a fish.

Some people would rather go picnicking, or dinner out in town. But fishing to me is a quality time a kid gets to spend with their parents, especially if you’re a guy. When a son and a father fish together, you have that bond of learning and quality time. The summer is the best time to fish because the weather is warm, traveling is fun and the best catch is during the summer.

Finding a location to fish is a difficult, yet you have to be patient while fishing. Fishing runs by temperature, tides, and where people are the most. The best time to fish in the summer is early in the morning like 5 am and in the afternoon when the place is cool.

Catching a big or small fish is all up to the day you’re fishing on. When I went fishing with my father last week Sunday, we caught only five small fishes. The place was too hot and fishes hate extreme hot weather. When you got the perfect day to fish, you have a lot of fun. Then sometimes you have a day when fishes feel not to come out.

Fishing during the summer is very exciting and it’s good to spend quality with friends or family. If you want something to do during the summer, then go fishing. I am sure you would enjoy yourself and it will give you something to do rather than staying home.

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