Freedom of religious or animal abuse? 

Since 2021, animal abuse is a federal crime but how is suppose that the law work when a religious organization made an oferring or sacrifice in order to be grateful or ask for something to their Saints. When Will they cross the Line? USA is a free country, so you can Believe in the supreme person or Saint that you want without any problem, for example, people whom believe in Yoruba Religious (some people call “santeria”), they have an specific rituals but how do they do their ritual without break the rules, the law?


Iniciation of ceremony.

Sacrifice: animals and hierbs.



Assignment #1

The importance of Public Libraries and the cuts they face ahead.

A group rallies peacefully in front of City Hall standing in front of the steps and holding up signs to save the libraries. The bright colors and sunshine smile adorning the excited faces of those gathered.

Budget cuts are only increasing through these past years, and these effects have not gone unnoticed by patrons and librarians who are fighting today to keep budget cuts from destroying the service that public libraries give to their communities.

Nearby is a local library in Parkchester in the Bronx, where parents, children, and teens gather for their local activities.

Women’s History Month Display Theme

Celebrating this month, Women’s History Month in the display. The local library is in charge of themes that raise awareness and celebrations to connect with the community.

Ms. Arianna Gonzalez manager of the Library, who has worked for 18 years described her team as her creative wheel when coming up with new teen programs.

Ms. Gonzalez speaking about budget cuts

Ms. Gonzalez has stated that despite their employment and salary being secured, their fight against the budget cuts is due to the impact it will have on the community they serve. Opening hours and closing hours will more likely be affected, and the extended Sunday services may also be impacted, as well as the quality of the service they have for families.

Program Flyers for patrons

For many new, New Yorkers programs like the ESL serve as an opportunity to open doors, in addition, services like obtaining the IDNYC through the help of the staff become a safe haven for many undocumented.

A gathering area

Free use of computers, printing and copying services, and a safe area where struggling teens and tired parents can settle in. Local Libraries serve as a safe haven, social gathering place, and partnership between the library and the Bronx community.

Monday morning at 10 a.m. in front of the City Hall steps, a gathering a crowd, cameras shuttering, and people chattering in colored shirts. New York Public Library and Stand with your Library shirts worn by many.

Library shirts and signs were handed out

“New York’s City budget purposes a 36.2 million budget cut in funding cuts for public libraries” in a mass email sent out March 15th, 2023.

Sheila and her friend, employees of the NYPL

Sheila shared that “the libraries go beyond ethnicity, skin color, and background. They are a diverse group and bring people together.”

Her friend commented. “The importance that English classes are offered free to the public, help especially people coming in from other countries.”

Long time Librarian

“We go past books, we are not just filled shelves. The importance of the library is what knowledge we share with others.”

11 years working at the NYPL

“My response might be biased, but we bring so much to our communities and these cuts affect what we give to them.”

Speaking at the Rally, was Linda E. Johnson – President and CEO, of Brooklyn Public Library. Anthony W. Marx – President and CEO, of New York Public Library, and Dennis M. Walcott – President and CEO, of Queens Public Library.

Speakers tell their stories about the impact their local branches have had in their lives serving as first-time employees to guide them in a new country and serving as hope.

The loss of funding will be felt by every parent, teen, and child as hours are suddenly cut short. Programs that keep teens in school and headed toward college will cease in being created.

You can even get your taxes done for free.

“Do what you love, love what you do. It is something I can truly say I have lived by no matter what role I have played in the NYPL. 18 years later and I still find every day working with this organization rewarding, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the NYPL and the communities we serve.” Ms. Gonzalez shared with me after the rally took place.

The budgets are said to arrive at a final decision in the month of May, and everyone waits in hopes for what the upcoming months will bring and the support that can be gathered to save the libraries of New York.

Assignment #1

Photo Essay Pitch

Graffiti is such a crucial element of NYC–you either love it or hate it. I’ve always found graffiti to be an intriguing art form. Where do we draw the line between art and vandalism? A well-known graffiti artist, Alfredo Bennett: The Royal “KingBee” might be able to shed some light on the field. I’d like to learn what it takes to become a graffiti artist, and even more so, what it takes to become a commissioned graffiti artist.

Photo ideas:

– completed pieces

– Alfredo working on a piece

– pictures of his tools

– pictures of him with his work

Assignment #1

Photo Essay Pitch: Pompton Lakes, NJ

Pompton Lakes, New Jersey is famous for its name. As the town is surrounded by bodies of water, residents are fond of fishing in the Pompton Lake, of which has been man-made lake for years. In the early 1700’s, the town was regarded as a colonial industrial center. Because of this, some residents and blog sites have expressed concerns on the fish possibly being contaminated. Because of this, I’d like to take pictures of the 175-acre-lake, along with visitors. Though the area looks beautiful, the water itself doesn’t look the cleanest, especially for any fish consumption. Given its history and past producing of ironworks during the war, residents still fish for activities. However, it isn’t certain whether or not the fish are consumed.